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Obama: If debt limit not raised, new financial crisis – Reuters

Full Article here

Dear Obama:   It’s called fiscal responsibility.  Learn to make some tough decisions..  You know things like:

– Increasing tax on the very wealthy

– Decreasing spending – especially aboard

– Increasing tax on large corporations – you know like gigantic oil companies that are seeing ridiculous profits

Please do something other than maintain the status quo – surprise us all.  Because mommy and daddy might cut up your credit cards here soon =)

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  1. Bleatmop says

    You are aware that this letter is addressed to the wrong person.
    You need to talk to the republicans in the House of
    Representatives. That is where the power of the purse lies. Obama
    only has the power of veto. He can reject a bill, but he can’t
    write them.

  2. Purse Party says

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