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Ron Paul 2012! He’s running again!


So I guess the question becomes.. which is more important to you at this point in the USA current state of affairs?

Social policy (e.g.: Stance on abortion or marriage)


Economic policy

If you’re more concerned about the economy (and rightfully so), then you won’t find a better presidential candidate. We can work on the social issues with enough participating constituents. But the economic issues we faced left unchecked WILL destroy us with inflation.

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  1. Bleatmop says

    Let me get this straight, you think Ron Paul’s economic ideas are a
    good idea? No taxes? No Federal Reserve? No public education or
    medicare? No function of the government other than a small military
    for domestic defense?

    • patriot1223 says

      Medicare? so not only do you support abortion, but you want the
      government to pay for it too? I agree with some of what Ron Paul
      stands for, but I certainly don’t see eye to eye with him on the
      subject of national defense. America stay strong in the face of
      terrorism and in the face of those who hate freedom.

  2. tbox says

    No taxes? Really? I’m pretty sure he isn’t for no taxes at all. He
    is against the fed because it’s COSTING the government money PLUS
    interest to print it’s own money (most other governments print
    their own money or have a branch that handles it). Do you have any
    other real ideas that would help to pay off a deficit in the
    trillions of dollars? He also wants to combat inflation by backing
    the dollar with real commodities that have value (like it used to
    be) instead of manufacturing money based on nothing which causes
    inflation and de-valuation.

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