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GOP (house) and corporate interests want to block netneutrality-Obama’s office says hello Veto

From the article:

The rule is part of “an enforceable and effective policy for keeping the Internet free and open,” and President Barack Obama’s advisers will recommend he veto the resolution if it reaches his desk, the administration said in a statement.

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  1. Bleatmop says

    Nice! Another reason evidence that the personal is political. This
    veto will affect everyone in a positive way. Well… everyone but
    ruthless and greedy corporations.

  2. tyboxdotca says

    Just need to work on making the FCC net neutrality rules tougher –
    Senator Al Franken knows what’s up needs support!

  3. Bleatmop says

    Indeed. I hope you and other USian counterparts manage to fight
    this. Especially cause a lot of sludge, like the corporate side on
    net neutrality, tends to eventually find its way up here when it
    isn’t stopped at the source.

    • patriot1223 says

      Net neutrality is one step away from communism. Hell, Karl Marx was
      a big proponent of net neutral telegraphy.

      • rightytightyleftyloosey says

        That’s really interesting @patriot1223 – care you provide a
        credible source on that one? I struggle with how the idea of a free
        and open Internet is related to communism in any weight, shape or

  4. Tyboxdotca says

    Problem is that Americans don’t really care about each other
    generally. If it doesn’t directly impact their day to day grind,
    they don’t care. Now eventually (because the way the system works)
    everyone has to take a turn in the dog house. And only then do
    people appreciate why the system is NFG. Problem is that instead of
    talking about important issues we can help impact decisions on, you
    have people talking about Justin Beiber and Charlie Sheen etc. If
    only people would just get involved! I wonder if you took away
    celebrity gossip what would happen to the people of this country?
    they’d probably take to the streets with torches and pitchforks. =)

  5. Mrs Tybox says

    Pretending to care 😉

    • patriot1223 says

      leave it to canadians to care more about the US than americans….

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