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Apple’s ipad = more evidence of icontrol imo

Dear Apple,

Why does the ipad allow users to download a little app from the app store called “Netflix”?

Is there any particular reason why this application is not available on the app store for people that are running capable hardware that interface with the same software repository on fully compatible devices (ie: ipods and iphones)?

AT&T pulling your chain again? Do I need to file another complaint to the FCC?

This doesn’t make any sense… The ipad is coming with the option of a $29.99 unlimited data plan with AT&T to utilize both WiFi and 3g wireless internet connectivity and it is still highly portable… so why? How can an App be approved for the iPad but not for other devices? Why is the approval not just for use or distribution in the store as a whole? Shouldn’t it be up to the end user to decide if the app is viable or not as at the end of the day they control what they install, do not install or choose to remove.

Is this another “oh noes they r in our networkz steelin’ our bandwidthz” issue? Heaven forbid people be able to tap into their Netflix accounts and stream full length movie content from their Netflix accounts and queues!!! That would like … make our networks break down and stuff!!!

If you guys think you are going to push people into an ipad from an iphone / ipod you are sorely mistaken. All you are going to do is push people like me into doing business with another company that promotes open platforms and innovation – not one that establishes itself on top of them, slams the door behind them (as soon as they are in a position to) and then forgets about how it got there… All this in the name of artificially driving up profits.

I only have three words for you Apple, API or die.

Why would I purchase a portable computer device in this form factor when there are so many other options available which do so much more and for nearly the same price point?

Why wouldn’t I just purchase a touch screen tablet or slate which does the following while your ipad does not?

– multitasking (running multiple apps at a time)
– Flash animation (viewing adds / videos / web site content) via the web browser (you cannot currently load this content on ANY non OS X based apple device)
– Expansion – NO USB? no USB 3.0? No applications to access files over the network?

No USB means:

– no external media or peripherals (no DVDs / Blurays, HDD / SDD hardrives (no expandable storage))
– no keyboard or external mouse / pointer support
– no expandable wireless output technology will be available (unless invented to use current hardware or via an upgrade)

And no flash / compact card reader? It would make a lot of sense (this also works on other devices) if I could just slam in my digital camera memory card and instantly watch a slide show of the pictures I just took (or was currently storing) on my new fancy pants ipad.

I’ll be shopping around – stay tuned if you want to see what viable alternatives I come up with as well as a break down as to why they are a better / smarter choice =)

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  1. Jessica Goulet says

    I agree with all of your points… 100%!

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