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EA Games = Brilliant!

EA Strikes again and this time it’s with Burnout Paradise (for PC):

I will find a better link shortly (more official).

But it looks like the Copy Protection Nazis have managed to alienate their paying customers ONCE AGAIN. And you guys wonder why people pirate software?

They recently released a patch which not only locks you out of the game, it also clears all your game progress.

Unacceptable. Meanwhile the clock is still ticking on an issue that I would think would be a little higher priority?

What a shitty company – I will definitely think twice before buying another EA game.

UPDATE:  After a weeks worth of emails featuring “Please insert text between these lines or we will ignore your email” <hint hint we are looking for any excuse to not have to serve you>.  AND getting the run around IE:  “We can’t help you unless you give us your birthday”  ME:  “I own the account – I have user and pass, receipts, keys, etc.”

Today they give me solution.  Great.   Unfortunately I had already figured it out a day or two before the “fix”.

Fix = Re-install game.   Why does the game to unbind my account, stats and product key with a simple hardware upgrade?   I have 12 other games installed and not one of them broke.   Dark Athena asks me to re-enter my Product Key and it was seemless.  It even read my old one to me so all I had to do was click enter.

Atari 1 – Ea Games 0.

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