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Ridiculous and completely stolen argument – house blocks funding #fcc #gop #netneutrality

Slashdot link here (great comments)

This is an incredibly easy argument to defeat.

Walden and other critics of the FCC’s net-neutrality order argue it will stifle innovation and investment in broadband

Yea? It will stifle innovation? How can you say that when that’s the current status quo? Perhaps you can explain why the US has been leap frogged in recent years in terms of technological advancement?

Hell, it’s gotten to the point now where people aren’t flocking to this country any longer from aboard because of it’s lack of technological dominance (opportunity). So you mean to imply that this will only get worse with the FCC rules?

I call bullshit – I cannot get any worse and this argument is stolen. This is the exact reason why we need net neutrality and STRONGER rules to protect it from corrupt politicians being influenced by greedy corporations.

What’s more innovative? An internet which is controlled by a free flowing stream of information? Or an internet which is sliced up for all the greedy corporations to carve up? Just another big fat pie full of money people already don’t have.

If net neutrality doesn’t pass the internet will be full of tolls (between providers), metered pricing for bandwidth (for consumers) and just become completely commercialized and over saturated (most like we’re already used to).

And where will the next Google or Facebook come from in an internet that’s not protected from the wolves who only care about themselves and their share holders?

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