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Hey FCC – read more articles like this to help you understand how important broadband Internet is…

The US will be BURIED by your plan in 10 years in terms of technological innovation. Caught doing nothing but playing catch up because Internet speed and availability is being held up and squabbled over.

India beats the US to this technology?

Get used to it. Plenty of other countries are going to get there first.

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  1. Jacki says

    I’m so glad I found my souitlon online.

  2. says

    I so agree with the “connection” you wrote about among runners. I love to go to events of all kinds and this is one of the reasons. In the area I live in, runners, triathletes are pretty much an anomally. So, when I happen to meet someone who runs, bikes, etc, there is a lighting up. I am sure my pupils dilate and the hungry of like mindedness makes its presence known. I have written some blog posts and an article of two with the athlete connectiveness. Great post.

  3. says

    Sí,Rafa,lo has comunicado extraordinariamente y con la emoción y sentimiento que siempre pones.No importa si son pocos o muchos.Sólo importa el látido del corazón al unísono de de una justa causa.Gracias,un abrazo y feliz domingo

  4. megapolis free coins and megabucks says

    el beeb, where to start, i keep thinking this islam loving, islam excusingshameful excuse for broadcaster cannot get any worse…everytime it does.whether its deliberate ignorance of hard facts, or drivelling insidious “protection” of the plethora of abhorrent aspects of this  ideology, for instance muslim child rape gangs, or deliberate pushing of the lie of R.O.Peace or the “crock” of islamo-faux-bia.i don t think their  bar can get any lower, i wait to be dismayed again.   0 likes

  5. Jakayla says

    Frankly I think that’s ablelutosy good stuff.

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