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Apple’s iOS 4 is an iDisaster…

Gizmodo has an article up with their take on the matter which you can find by clicking here

EDIT 2: Lifehacker has an article up on some potential work arounds (including disabling spot light and downgrading) You can find the article by clicking here

My take?

Well – it took ALL night to almost complete the upgrade from 3.1.3 (On Windows 7) to iOS 4.0 on my iPhone 3G.

First there was the backup.  Now I’m not really sure what they changed in the backup process, but iTunes was already configured to backup when I connected the device which it proceeded to do and do quickly.

However, when I started the upgrade process it wanted to back it up again and apparently in a much more thorough manner as it took several hours and if I took a call in the middle of this process, I had to start it all over…

I got tired waiting and let it run over night.

When I awoke this morning to check on it.   Yep you guessed it!

Restore mode!   Delivered via my 28 inch LCD monitor!

I had to manually process the firmware update which seems to be a generally improved process compared to last nights debacle.

Shortly after, I begin using the phone and it’s crawling.   I fire up the memory manager that I’m using (because apparently iOS and it’s predecessors aren’t up the to challenge) and discover that I’ve got just under 3 MB of free RAM.  I mean really?  All I did was turn it on I haven’t even loaded an app yet!

Oddly after freeing up the memory several times, it seems to have gotten better.  However, at this point I’m highly suspicious that this thing is just a big facade to help “convince” 3g users to upgrade and re-sign for 2 years with the upcoming iphone 4 (not going to happen, Apple) – artificially making the phone obsolete.

So what did I go through this for?  What are the heaving hitting features?

You can put Apps in folders and access threaded email?  The ability for Apple to integrate Ads onto my phone and so AT&T can now charge me for tethering.

What a smashing success!   Another big win for the big Apple@AT&T!

Apple,  please believe me when I suggest that you should open some reqs for some real software developers and a QA team on the Windows side; as apparently you’re a bit deficient on this area of expertise.

I cannot wait to go Android…. almost there!

EDIT:  Battery appears to be draining much faster with the update as well.  Looks like I’m downgrading the firmware until I find my next smart phone.

Other notes and things I’ve noticed:

– Broken apps (don’t work or crash frequently to dash)

– An EXTREME delay to answer an incoming call.  As in you see the call come in and immediately touch the ‘answer’ button and continue to touch it over and over again for like seriously 3-5 seconds before it registers.

– Downgrade imminent (if possible).

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  1. blackbird rider says

    Excellent post thank you! Sent from my Android phone

  2. Z1 guy says

    Why god allows this sort of thing to continue is a mystery.

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