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Ruh roh Apple – Google has an App Store coming with Chrome OS

What else can I say?

An *OPEN* Operating System on an *OPEN* app store and HTML5 support and Flash?   omg..

Hey Apple investors, “sell, sell, sell!!!”.

Article here


Google showed off a preview of the Google Chrome Store during the opening keynote at its Google I/O 2010 developer conference. The final version will appear in a release of the developer build of the Chrome browser in the near future, Google vice president for product management Sundar Pichai said. It will also be natively supported on Google’s forthcoming Chrome OS targetted at netbooks.


The store integrates the existing large thumbnails used on the New Tab page in Google Chrome with Google’s Checkout technology to allow people to acquire (and, in many cases, pay for) HTML5-based applications. “Once you set it up, it’s normally one click to add an application.”

While Apple has recently been making headlines for its refusal to support Flash on its devices, Google is taking a much more positive view of the Adobe technology. Apps in the Chrome Web store can be built on standard web technologies, including Flash, and we will support them all in the Chrome Web store.

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