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The Apple biased perspective on Gizmodo’s iPhone prototype acquirement and Apple’s reaction

Betanews has an article up here with a little more meat on the whole Gizmodo vs Apple story(many of these items were touched on in the previous Jon Stewart post)

I few interesting items of note FTA:

But first the news-heavy recap: An Apple employee lost the iPhone prototype in mid-March, while celebrating his birthday. The finder later sold the device to Gizmodo, reportedly for $5,000, although the unsealed court documents list the sum as $8,500 with promise of a possible bonus later on. Gizmodo published a series of stories, with photos and videos, starting on April 19. On April 23, San Mateo police officers raided the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen. Court documents refer to him as “suspect Chen.”


According to the unsealed documents, Apple’s CEO  personally called Lam (Editor in Chief @ Gizmodo), asking that Gizmodo return the iPhone prototype. Lam refused, demanding that Apple first document ownership. What? A call from Jobs isn’t verification enough?

Curious as to where the source of these  ‘unsealed documents’ references come from?  Or better yet, want to take a look yourself?

Click here

A very interesting list of items that the police removed.  I’m really struggling to understand why these items were important or related… I mean business cards?  WTF..

Were they trying to seize any electronic documents he had pertaining to discoveries Chen et al had made about the prototype phone?

Hey Steve, is your HQ in a bunker yet?

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