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Stay tuned for details on the National Broadband Plan

From Ars Technica:

How much hate will the National Broadband Plan get?

FTA (Points of interest):

As FCC broadband plan head Blair Levin told us recently, a significant portion of the NBP is going to recommend ways to get the wireless industry the additional spectrum it needs in the long term to meet the humongous growth in smartphone use. Genachowski has pledged to find ways to free up 500MHz of frequency band for wireless, and the FCC hopes that much of that comes from the licenses allocated to television broadcasters.


I don’t know what to say – they are doing it wrong works I suppose.

I’m totally with Google on this one – this bandwidth can be used to distribute a raw internet wireless signal that would cover ALL the same areas (as far as I know) which currently get the old *analog* (remember the DTV transition?) TV broadcast spectrum.

Why would be regulate this usage to only allow other companies to control?

How is it not better just to open it up and let the people decide to do with it as they will?

Broadband internet is essential in using computers in this day and age and it’s technology and innovation is pretty much in it’s infancy.

What can you not do with a decent internet connection?   Wireless access?  I can get that with my phone through wifi, I could use a VOIP connection to turn any device that plugins into a network and satisfies the following requirements:

1.) Microphone (and / web cam) – Input..

2.) VOIP software either pre-installed or installable (free software typically)

This short list covers A LOT of devices currently on the market (most or all current smart phones) and makes any of them into a standard phone.

And you can even get a number for that phone… (without a 2 year contract) and you might already own the hardware!

So, if using the Analog TV spectrum lets you do this PLUS has an infinite possibility of scalable solutions which enhance lives, careers AND businesses, why would you limit this spectrum to just “wireless industry” use only?

It doesn’t make sense.

Instead of telling people they have to have the same old cafeteria food again why not give them the OPTION to hit the buffet and pick out the items that they can use?   And keep allowing them to come back as their needs change?

Why do we constantly remove options for people?  Shouldn’t we be adding more options for them to choose from constantly?   How can you ensure quality without introducing motivation to fuel it?

The internet needs to be OPEN to truly flourish and lead to innovation which benefits all of society on multiple levels to deny this is to deny progression into our evolution in my opinion.

The internet being policed as it currently is works fine – there’s no need to turn over full control to people who may (and probably do not) have your best interests in mind.

Turning the keys to the future over to an industry which few would argue is completely greedy and corrupt is a completely irresponsible decision.


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