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FCC Investigates Wireless Competition (Industry)

What I truly hope comes from this FCC stirrup, is a complete audit across the board of all industries which try to establish ‘exclusive’ tie ins to force consumers into positions where they are faced with less choice. (IE: Can only buy Coke here, Can only have X phone with this carrier, can only have NFL network with Direct TV, etc etc.)

The USA is supposed to be an economy fueled by consumer demand and when these corporations try to control or direct it does a little more than dampen the market purity, it also stifles innovation. I cannot stress how important innovation is in today’s world and I truly hope that more people start to see and appreciate this concern.

From Forbes:

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to launch an official inquiry into the state of innovation and competition in the U.S. wireless market, indicating that more regulation may be coming to the industry.

The agency will take a three-pronged approach in its investigation, analyzing innovation and investment in the wireless market, as well as “competitive conditions” and consumer billing practices. It plans to ask industry players and the public to comment on the issues and summarize its findings in a report that could lead to new regulations.

(entire article here)

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