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Ubuntu (Jaunty (9.04) Intel GFX Sux0rz wth note(net)book (horrible driver support)

I have an ASUS Eee PC (1000 – SSD drive(s)) running Jaunty (upgrade from 8.10). Which was crippled upon update in terms of video performance (performance was so horrible that it was even affecting desktop (Gnome/X) visual effects.

A partial fix is available (see below URL). Please post in the comments if this affects you let me know if the fixed worked for you.

Some others have mentioned have there is a bug which is now denying one of the system components from properly changing the file permissions on a file found in /dev/dri/card*

Changing permissions to 666 on this file seems to have improved performance for some as well (verify what your perms are first). = GG Intel. AMD must really be kicking themselves for selling off that netbook tech to, who was it? Qualcomm?

I’ll tell you right now that if there was a netbook out there which featured superior driver support / performance in video apps all across the board (media, gaming, streaming video, hd even), I would pay another 50-150$ for it. *hint hint* – AMD.

It’s honestly kind of pathetic that my tiny little iphone can crush my netbook at rendering / streaming low quality video.

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